Kansas Is Auctioning Off Vibrators, Dildos, And Other Sex Toys To Help Their Massive Budget Crisis


Shutterstock When the going gets tough, the pathetic tough auction off sex toys.


5 Sex Toys Your Girlfriend Is Using And How To Ensure You’re Not Permanently Replaced By Them


Shutterstock Whether you’ve come across your girl’s toys by mistake, she suggested using them together or you accidentally walked in on her using it solo – don’t panic.

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‘Twilight’s Nikki Reed Is Apparently a REALLY Big Fan of Sex Toys


Nikki Reed is dating Nina Dobrev's ex-boyfriend/co-star Ian Somerhalder and according to at least one report sex toys are very high on their shopping list.


Finally, the perfect gift for any woman: a vibrator on a necklace


In case you want to get in some early Christmas shopping for your lady friend we now have the perfect gift: a vibrator on a necklace.

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It’s a sex toy… and a camera!


It's not unusual for people to be filmed using sex toys.

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