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New Sex Tape App ‘Disckreet’ Is a Game Changer and Could Be a Life Saver After a Bad Breakup

So...Disckreet might not be a bad $.99 investment.

Arkansas Teacher Accidentally Airs Personal Sex Tape to Her 7th-Grade Class

A seventh-grade teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas mistakenly played a graphic tape of herself performing sex acts on her fiancé to her class.

The Trailer for Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Sequel Has Arrived

We’re still calling this a sex tape, right? That’s what this is, right? Video goes live at 12:01 AM PST on […]

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Still Delusional About Her Sex Tape

Oh Farrah Abraham. What hath you wrought? This past week Abraham was on VH1's Couples Therapy where she whined and moaned about her sex tape

Tila Tequila Is Releasing a New Sex Tape, This Time with a Dude…

Wait, Tila Tequila is relevant again, but only because of a new forthcoming sex tape? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA --- deep breath -- BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....  Sweet comeback.

Get Ready for the Rob Ford Sex Tape Parody Video

It was only a matter of time until crack-smokin' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got the sex tape parody treatment. 

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape FINALLY Hits the Web

The Alyssa Milano sex tape the world's been waiting for has finally hit the web. And... Holy boobs! But... Damnit, Syria for runing this Alyssa Milano

Kris Humphries Ex-Girlfriend Filmed a Sex Tape and the Pics Are Redonkulous

Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend Myla believes her sex tape will make her the next Kim Kardashian -- telling TMZ, "I may not like Kim, but she

Three Girls and a Sex Tape, Plus Bro Hooks Up With the Worst Kind of Squirter

I'll be posting two of these this week, because I'm feeling saucy and shit. Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here.

Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner, Sydney Leathers, Has Already Gotten Naked For Porn Company

Sydney Leathers, of Anthony Weiner's sexting addition fame, already has a sex tape with Vivid. Well, it's kind of just a nude tape, but it's

Billionaire Stewart Rahr Celebrates Divorce by Emailing His Own Sex Tape to Friends

Stewart Rahr made a name for himself after selling his pharmaceutical company, Kinray, for $1.3 billion back in 2010. He and his (pretty dumb) yellow

Texts from Farrah Abraham to Charlie Sheen

They're going to go on a date together soon too... 

Farrah Abraham Talks About Her Sex Tape on Howard Stern, Says She Masturbates to It

So, Farrah Abraham went on Howard Stern's show this morning to discuss her now infamous Backdoor Teen Mom sex tape with porn star James Deen.

An Open Letter to Teen Mom Sex Tape Star Farrah Abraham

I love sex. Like, really love it. I’ve spent the last few years joking, laughing, reminiscing about a lot of the sex I’ve had. I

Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Is Already Bigger Than Kim Kardashian’s

Fun fact of the day, if you're interested in trivia about sex tapes: Farrah Abraham > Kim Kardashian, based on sex tape traffic.  Related: Watch the First

Watch the First Clip From Farrah Abraham’s Totally Real ‘Sex Tape,’ If You Dare

Well, you guys... Apparently it's out now... 

Farrah Abraham Wants to Get MILFs Into Pole-Dancing Now

Heyyyyyyyy....... Brandon's new Twitter follower, sex tape star Farrah Abraham, is getting into pole-dancing now. You'll never guess why: 

My New Twitter Follower, Farrah Abraham, Explains Her New Sex Tape In a New Video

I had a good chuckle this morning when I woke up, looked at my phone, and noticed that former MTV Teen Mom star and current

The First Photos of the Farrah Abraham’s $1 Million Sex Tape Hit the Web

Important update on the Farrah Abraham's sex tape story: The first photos from the MTV Teen Mom star's sex tape have finally arrived! If we

A Chick Asks: Do Most Bros Choose Classy Girls or Skanks? Plus A Bro Stole a Sex Tape, Now What?

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Made More Money Than You Today By Selling Sex Tape For Almost $1 Million

HAHAHAHAHAHA.... You WORK for a living? Too bad you didn't get knocked up in high school, have MTV make a show about your trashy life,

Sorry, Guys: That ‘Buckwild’ Sex Tape Ain’t Going to Happen

Yep, not happening. Shut it down. Go home. Nothing to see here.... 

Melissa King, of Delaware Porn Scandal Fame, Is on Probation and ‘Has Plans to Go to College’

Important update... 

‘Buckwild’ Star Shae Bradley Was Offered the Most West Virginia Thing Ever For Her Sex Tape

This is the most West Virginia thing ever next to a drunk group singing of a John Denver song. 

MTV ‘Buckwild’ Stars Made a ‘Trailer Park Sex’ Tape

Ew? Or awesome? I guess it depends on where you fall on the hick-to-cool scale. 

Farrah Abraham Says Her Sex Tape Co-Star Has a Small….

MTV's Teen Mom star speaks out about her sex tape.

Cougars, Models and a Sex Tape in this Week’s Hottie Index

Age is a funny thing sometimes. Sometimes women age well and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you feel like you’ll be arrested looking at some girl

Guess What Hot MTV Celebrity Has a Sex Tape for Sale?

A sex tape featuring the MTV star is being shopped to various porn companies, including Vivid Entertainment. Any guesses who it is? 

Good News for Former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King

In the wake of Melissa King's sex tape controversy, this news is probably as good as it gets. 

Why Is Former Miss Delaware Teen Melissa King Wanted for Arrest in Ocean City, Maryland?

Former Miss Delaware Teen Melissa King's day just went from "meh" to "not very good." And it has nothing to do with that sex tape,

People Are Celebrating Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy By Watching Her Sex Tape in Record Numbers

For some reason, finding out Kim Kardashian is with child has caused millions of people to watch her banging Ray-J, like, a million years ago.

Chad Johnson Bravely Admits to Starring in Threesome Sex Tape

Chad Johnson is incredible at showing up in headlines. It’s almost like he tries to be in the spotlight or something.

This Probably What a General Petraeus Sex Tape Would Look Like

In case you were wondering with a David Petraeus sex tape would look like, the folks at Funny or Die has you covered.

Emma Stone Allegedly Has a Sex Tape From Before She Was Famous

Did not see this coming. 

A New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Allegedly Being Shopped Around For $30 Million

Gossip item of the day! Via The Daily Star, Kim Kardashian allegedly has another sex tape with Ray J, her former sex tape co-star from back

Woman From Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Reportedly Has Plenty of Other Sex Tapes Starring Celebrities

True romance is dead.

Hulk Hogan is Upset You Watched His Sex Tape

If only sadness were a T-shirt. Hulk Hogan could just rip the pain away.

Kanye West Has a Sex Tape with a Kim Kardashian Doppelganger

In "Clique," Yeezy raps, "Eat breakfast at Gucci/My girl a superstar all from a home movie." Looks like Kanye has a home movie too. 

Did Kris Jenner Force Kim Kardashian to Make 2 Sex Tapes?

Oh, now this is delightful. Kris Humphries is claiming Kris Jenner, the Kardashian family matriarch, not only instructed her daughter Kim to shoot a sex

Dealing with a Squirter, Making Her Chase You, and Never Become Roommates with Your Girlfriend

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. HERE. WE. GO.