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There’s a Video Out There of the Colts’ Trent Richardson Having an Orgy

How else are you supposed to prove to your friends you had a Menage a Quatre?

There’s a REAL Alyssa Milano Sex Tape Somewhere in the World

Like a legitimate tape. Made on VHS. 

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape FINALLY Hits the Web

The Alyssa Milano sex tape the world's been waiting for has finally hit the web. And... Holy boobs! But... Damnit, Syria for runing this Alyssa Milano

Emma Stone Allegedly Has a Sex Tape From Before She Was Famous

Did not see this coming. 

Nothing Spices Up a Graduation Ceremony Like a Sex Tape

I didn’t go to my college graduation and I regret it to this day. But I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if the Michigan

Bernie Kosar’s Daughter Announces Her Sophomore Sex Video on Facebook

Just what we all wanted: a slightly above average looking girl -- with minimalist tits at best -- releasing her second adult entertainment scene. Bernie

10 Hot Pictures from Brittany Jones’ Sex Tape, the Girl Who Allegedly Banged Ashton Kutcher

Brittany Jones Sex Tape

Towards the top of our list of "things we couldn't care less about" is tabloid sex scandal story

Five Things You Need to Know About Heidi Montag’s Rumored Girl-on-Girl Sex Tape

Two weeks ago when Waffles rattled off the