What?! New Study Finds That Having TOO MUCH SEX Can Make You Unhappy


File this new study about sex under "Things I Absolutely Refuse To Believe.

The Pornography Industry

Adult film stars gratified by new sex study


Porn gets blamed for corrupting the minds of pretty much anyone who views it, so a new study suggesting its effects on young people may be minimal has many porn stars feeling, well, gratified.


This Is What a Woman’s Brain Looks Like While M*sturbating


Journalist Kayt Sukel is helping researchers at Rutgers University unravel some of the mysteries of a human phenomenon that the scientific community knows little about: the org*sm.

Sex study

10 New Findings from Sex Studies Reveal Spike in Number of Positions, Partners


Sex study after exhausted sex study seems to be coming out these days.

Unprotected sex

Study: College Women Who Engage in Unprotected Sex are Less Depressed


Over the past two years I've been accused, by a few members of society, of writing some rather lecherous shit.

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