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This Is What a Woman’s Brain Looks Like While M*sturbating

Journalist Kayt Sukel is helping researchers at Rutgers University unravel some of the mysteries of a human phenomenon that the scientific community knows little about:

One-Night Stand Study Offers Reason I Can’t Settle Down

Thanks, Dad. According to Time Magazine, my DRD4 gene is the reason I have proclaimed myself "Lord of the Ring." A team at Binghamton University

10 New Findings from Sex Studies Reveal Spike in Number of Positions, Partners

Sex study after exhausted sex study seems to be coming out these days. Universities are just pissing away grant money because, despite their findings, nothing

Study: College Women Who Engage in Unprotected Sex are Less Depressed

Over the past two years I've been accused, by a few members of society, of writing some rather lecherous shit. Nothing, however, has brought me