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Couple Has Sex In a Tree. Guess What Happens Next?

It's another incredible sex injury from our favorite new show, Sex Sent Me to the ER... 

Watch a Woman’s Hilariously Bad Reenactment of a 3-Hour Orgasm That Sent Her to the Hospital

I can't stop laughing at this. TLC's new show called Sex Sent Me to the ER is the gift that keeps on giving. In a recent clip that

John Mayer Demands Fisting and Other (Possibly) True Stories From Groupies on Reddit

The best Reddit thread of the day has sports and music groupies dishing on supposed flings they've had with celebrities.

5 Things She’s Thinking About During Bad Sex

Maybe it's time to quit while you're ahead.

20 Stories of the Strangest Places For A Sexual Encounter

Sometimes when you gotta do it, you gotta do it. We're all just a bunch of mammals and when an Ask Reddit thread popped up

A Very Sharty Sex Revenge Story, Plus 7 More Facebook Follies

Well that's one way to get back at him. Via. No way this is real. If so, ERMAHGERD!!!!!

Caught Having Sex in Public and Taking Your Friend’s Ex to Pleasure Town

Where the hell are all the big-swinging-dick, Memorial Day tales of male whoredom I asked for? PLEASE send them in. In fact, submit them here,

An Old Bro Takes Us Back to 1981 With a Drug-Fueled Hook Up Story on a Greyhound Bus

This weekend is Memorial Day so I'm expecting an influx of submissions in my inbox next Tuesday. But before that, DON'T DARE MISS today's headline

10 Solid Pieces of Advice for Laxtitutes

Most the things I blog about or do guest columns on are about sex and sports. It's safe to say I probably won't be wining

Anilingus Gone Awry, What Happens When You Don’t Piss Before Sex, and a Backseat Romp

Got a couple good ones for you today and we're kicking it off with a Hook Up Heroes first. Submit your stories here. And away

A Bro Takes Sloppy Sevenths, A Military Bro’s First Bang After Tour in Iraq, and Much More

After my plea for more Hook-Up Heroes stories last week, I received over 20 emails worth of submissions along with one very hostile "f*ck you"

A Poorly Timed BJ and What Happens When You Spend Senior Week in a Trailer Park

I know a lot of you are bogged down with school, or finals, or work, or debating whether or not you should wear cargo shorts

A Pen*s Causes a Car Accident, Hungry Hockey Chicks, and a Fairytale Ending for One Girl’s Virginity

Got four new Hook-Up Heroes stories for you today. The first one really sets the tone, too. If you bang chicks in hilarious, peculiar, and

Tagging Three Roommates in a Week and a Girl Trades Rock Band for Sex

We only have two hook-up heroes stories for you today but I'm expecting big sh*t from you guys in the coming weeks. Spring Break is

Babysitter Hook-Ups, a Girl Pretending to Die, and Urine Coming Out at the Wrong Time

Welcome to Hook-Up Heroes, our weekly column about jump-starting dead car batteries. This week we've got five stories for you. If you've got a story you think

Hook-Up Heroes: Punishing a Bad Girl, an NBA Mascot, a Girl Named Piggy & Redemption at the Beach

So my plea for more submissions paid off. We've got four solid tales for you this week. And if you want to keep reading this

My First Night at the University of Miami Was Very Weird

This ranks up there with a few of the strangest nights of my sexual life. I've gotten myself into some precarious situations while drunk, but

An Ex-Major League Baseball Player’s Wife and a Brocation Take Down in this Week’s Hook-Up Heroes

This is Hook-Up Heroes, a virtual smut dump for our readers to share their most heroic and off-the-wall sex tales. If you've got a story

Hook-Up Heroes: Goodbye Virginity, Cops Busting a BJ, and God-Given Girls

We had a ton of submissions for our new Hook-Up Heros column this week. That pleases the sh*t out of us. However, don't get discouraged

When Exes Attack: Peeping Toms, Facebook Freakouts, and Spiteful Moms

This week we have three new stories about crazy exes. If you think you have a killer story about a whack-job ex, submit it here.

When Exes Attack: Introducing Our New Column About Revenge, Stalking, and Other Psychotic Behavior

Something that never ceases to excite us here at BroBible is a good tale about a scorned ex-girlfriend or one-night stand who refuses to go

When Flavored Lube Goes Bad: One Laxtitute’s Very Cherry Sex Disaster

A couple weeks ago, the kid I was hooking up went with all his fraternity brothers and little pledges to Philly for the day and

Ten Things Chasing the Jersey and Sleeping with Professional Athletes Has Taught Me as a Woman

Editor’s Note: This guest post is by Sporty McBangin', an anonymous female writer who is the author of Chasing the Jersey, a brand-new blog about