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Think Your Job Is Weird? This Guy Has To Repair Broken, Used Sex Dolls


Taken from the documentary Love Me, Love My Doll, this video shows that for every job out there someone is more than willing to fill it.


Grown Men Who Are Into ‘My Little Pony’ Will Now Have This Sex Doll To Pleasure Themselves With

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I'm not even going to pretend that I understand why grown men -- AKA "Bronies" -- are into My Little Pony but by-fucking-God, they are.

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This Gallery Of Men And Their Sex Dolls Will Creep You Out For Life


According to HuffPo, Copenhagen-based photojournalist Benita Marcussen "contacted several sex doll enthusiasts through an online forum and convinced them to let her photograph them with their prized possessions.


A Man Is Using a Sex Doll As A Model To Sell His Used Car On Ebay


FACT: Sex dolls are more obedient models than humans.

Zackary Canepari Photographer

Behind the scenes at a sex doll factory


At Abyss Creations, long-time sculpture Matt McMullen makes fantasies come true for those looking for a little company.


Brazilian sex doll selling for over $100,000 did a hot photoshoot


As Huffington Post covered at length, bids for the virginity of Brazil's first real-life-simulating sex doll have topped $100,000.

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