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I'm more or less a pro at knowing how to deal with that weird middle-zone.

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A Babe’s Response to the Dude Who Says ‘I Like Porn Better Than Sex’

[Ed. note: This is a response to an earlier piece titled "Confession: I like Porn Better Than Sex"]

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Brunch has really been on a tear from 2010 onward. Now as a huge social indicator, doing brunch with certain people ends up having a

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The Lonely Island Bros tackle all the postive aspects of giving in to monagamy...kinda. 

9 Female Archetypes Pop Culture Assumes I Find Attractive, That I Don’t Actually Find Attractive

Every time I watch a certain type of movie, or network TV, or (most importantly) beer advertisements, I am presented with

‘Commentary on a First Date’ Hilariously Takes Us Into the Warped Minds of Both Parties

From the people who made this excellent "Friendly Dating Advice" video, we have a new take on the weirdness that ensues on a first date.