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Seth Rogen And James Franco’s ‘The Interview’ Release Canceled After Threats From Hackers


The Interview Pretty important cultural/geopolitical news out of Hollywood today, where the The Interview's Christmas Day release to theaters has been canceled in the wake of threats from a hacking group called "Guardians of Peace.

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Howard Stern Wants To Know Why James Franco Has Never Banged Lana Del Ray

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Newsflash: James Franco and Lana Del Ray are quite chummy on social media.

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Seth Rogen And James Franco Join Epic Meal Time To Make A 33,083 Calorie Korean BBQ Lasagna


It seems when the 'Epic Meal Time' gang ran out of ideas on what to prepare for their next dish the only solution was to kick out their Sauce Boss, Harley Morenstein, and replace him with James Franco and Seth Rogen.

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‘Cops Cum Dicks and Flying’ Is A Ridiculous New Short Starring A Jizz-Covered Seth Rogen And Sarah Silverman


I had no idea what to expect, as one might when watching something entitled Cops Cum Dicks and Flying, but it was just that.

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Watch The Official Red Band Trailer For Seth Rogen And James Franco’s ‘The Interview’


Not going to lie, I'm giddy with excitement about Seth Rogen and James Franco's new comedy, The Interview.

The Interview movie trailer

‘The Interview’ trailer sees Seth Rogen and James Franco trying to kill Kim Jong-Un


Bromance kings Seth Rogen and James Franco are back together once again in a new movie called The Interview in which they, of all things, attempt to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

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Seth Rogen and James Franco Try to Assassinate Kim Jong-un In ‘The Interview’


The Judd Apatow born-and-bred Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy dream team has been on quite a roll lately.

Seth Rogen twitter

Seth Rogen accuses Macklemore of wearing anti-Semitic costume, then things get heated


Seth Rogen, who as we all know is awesome at Twitter, has found someone new to fight with in Macklemore who wore a costume that by most accounts appeared to be anti-Semitic.

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