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Seth MacFarlane and Tom Cruise Had an Impersonation-Off This Weekend

I keep hearing hysterical voices.

And Here’s the Trailer for Seth Macfarlane’s New Show ‘Dads’

On the heels of the promising Andy Samberg Brooklyn Nine-Nine trailer comes whatever the hell this is from Seth MacFarlane, who either is looking for a

Who Were the Most Influential Men of 2012? ‘AskMen’ Investigates with Their Definitive Rankings

Male influence. It's a concept that's highly difficult to contextualize, and even more challenging to measure. Yet the folks at "AskMen" have rose to the

Seth MacFarlane to Host the 2013 Oscars

This guy just can't get a break. Seriously, someone throw Seth MacFarlane a bone.

Seth MacFarlane Impersonated Ryan Lochte on SNL Last Night

Seth MacFarlane was pretty good on SNL last night. And in this age of SNL shittiness, I'd say pretty good is high praise. Below is

Last Night’s SNL Host Seth MacFarlane ‘Voiced’ Quite the Monologue

Seth MacFarlane, comedic giant and legendary cultural observer, parlayed this summer's big screen success into an SNL hosting gig. The "TED" creator kicked off the

‘Ted’s’ Seth MacFarlane to Host First Episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live may have a lot of years on it, but the show has put together an impressive opening slate of hosts for its

‘Colorful’ Reax From the Hollywood Premiere of TED

On Thursday of last week, I attended the premiere of TED at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. As I’m sure you know by now,

Seth MacFarlane Shares His Rejected Movie Pitches

I'd go to see at least three of these. 

A Hilarious Clip from ‘Ted’ Hits the Web

Truth: Sometimes weird, weird sh*t goes down when your dreams come true. On June 29, Marky Mark returns to the big screen with Mila Kunis

Queen’s University Bro Steve Love Can Impersonate Every ‘Family Guy’ Character

If there's ever an uprising on the set of "Family Guy," and all of the characters leave the show (and Seth MacFarlane loses