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Bert and Ernie are Gay Lovers, According to Next Week’s New Yorker Cover

We knew there was something going on there.

‘The Daily Show’ Attempts to Remove the Liberal Propaganda from ‘Sesame Street’

For years now, "Sesame Street" has insiduously indoctrinated our country's youth, teaching them the philosophies of Mao, Lenin, and Marx under the guise of Cookie

Hackers Added P*rn to Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel

For 22-minutes Sesame Street's YouTube channel was teaching the kiddies more than just letters, numbers, and life tips that don't mean sh*t, like sharing is

VIDEO: Cookie Monster Wants to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Inspired by the successful Internet bid to get Betty White to host "Saturday Night Live," Sesame Street's Cookie Monster has announced his own effort to

Too Hot for TV! ‘Sesame Street’ Pulls Katy Perry and Elmo Video Over Racy Lyrics, Short Dress

I mean, it's f*cking Elmo. Do they really think that the little fury red guy running around the short-skirted legs of Katy Perry while she