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Blake Griffin Just Got Super Punched in the Dick

Very ouch.

Serge Ibaka’s ‘Coming to America’ Halloween Costume Was Awesome

Bros, Serge Ibaka has set the early standard for Halloween costumes this year with this effort. For those of you too young to appreciate this,

Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka Misses Easy Layup, Houston Rockets Force Game 5

The Houston Rockets held on for a 105-103 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder to force a Game 5. The match was a bona fide

Serge Ibaka Punches Blake Griffin in the Nuts, Receives Light Punishment

Serge Ibaka took – and landed -- a pretty blatant shot at Blake Griffin’s nuts during today’s Oklahoma City Thunder-Los Angeles Clippers game.

Watch Durant And Ibaka Go HAM As OKC Evens Series

Thanks to the many stylings of Kevin Durant's wingspan, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Spurs last night by a score of 109-103. KD led

Pau Gasol Feels Up Serge Ibaka

To acknowledge your opponent's effort some players will give each other a handshake, while others give a pat on the back, but Pau Gasol has

Josh Smith Dunks on Serge Ibaka With Extreme Authority

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith had no problem challenging Serge Ibaka, one of the NBA's top shot blockers, last night. The results were