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Epic Senior Prank: High School Seniors Hire Mariachi Band To Follow Around Principal

I'd rather be tarred and feathered than listen to mariachi music all day.

High School Seniors Pull ‘Mandatory Vagina Inspection’ Senior Prank

Senior prank season is in full swing.

Senior Prank at Carlmont High School Informs Student Body of Mandatory Pen*s Inspection

Not to be out-done by Saint Viator's "mandatory body cavity searches" at prom for contraband, the senior prankers at Carlmont High School in Redwood City,

Senior Prank at Saint Viator Prep School Informs Parents of Pre-Prom ‘Body Cavity Searches’

Senior prank season is upon us and an as-yet-unidentified senior at a school in a Chicago suburb has kicked things off in style. According to a