emma stone

Emma Stone Was On ‘The Late Show’ And Once Again Was The Cutest Thing On Earth


Emma Stone is always a must-watch when she appears on a late night talk show.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian Is So Fucking Vain She Cropped Her Own Baby Daughter Out Of A Selfie

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Kim Kardashian may have a book of selfies coming out, 352 pages, on sale April 15, 2015, but there's no chance her daughter North will be in any of those pictures because screw the kid, Kim's gotta be the goddamn center of attention, people.


2014 Will Go Down As The Year Of The ‘Death Selfie’


Last week, a British daredevil and base jumper named Gareth Jones watched the sun rise from a dangerous spot atop a cliff in Sydney, Australia.

funny videos

Hot Bikini Girl Trying To Take A Selfie Combined With Nature Documentary Narration Is Pure Comedy Gold


If you watch nothing else on the Internet today you HAVE to watch this mashup of the video of a girl in a bikini painstakingly trying to take the perfect selfie for an entire minute that we shared with you a couple of months ago combined with narration from a chimpanzee self-recognition documentary.


Nebraska Defensive End Jack Gangwish Tried To Take Selfie With Racoon, Got Bit, Then Killed It


Nebraska made news yesterday by hiring former Oregon State coach Mike Riley to fill the vacancy left by Bo Pelini.


These Female NYPD Officers Are In Trouble For Posting Hot Selfies While Wearing Their Uniforms On Instagram


Several female NYPD officers just learned that posting selfies online is fine so long as the selfies you're posting online are not of you in your department-issued uniform.


Chick Takes Amazing Penalty Box Selfie With Phil Kessel


This selfie from Maple Leafs fan @krisprovincial incredible.

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