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You Won’t Believe How Many Hours A Week Women Spend Taking Selfies To Make Their Ex Jealous


I probably take about seven selfies a year, never of just myself, there's always something epic in the background like the Burj Khalifa or my friend passed out drunk with cat turds on his forehead.


Insurance Companies: If Your Home Is Robbed While You’re On Vacation And You Put Selfies On Social Media, Tough Shit


Certain insurance companies are announcing that if your home is robbed while you are on vacation and have shared selfies to social media broadcasting the fact that you're away from home, then the insurance company is off the hook for whatever damages and losses occur.


Prince Harry SHUTS DOWN Woman Trying To Take A Selfie With Him, Is A Hero

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Prince Harry may not have any real power but at least he's using his station in the public eye to do great good.

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Today In Dumb Ways To Get Fired: Taking A Selfie With Aubrey Plaza’s Underwear


We've all heard about people getting fired from their jobs for silly reasons, but this guy on Reddit who claims he got fired for taking a selfie with Aubrey Plaza's underwear might have just taken over the top spot on the leader-board of stupid ideas.


This Guy Got Shot And Decided To Take A Selfie Rather Than Go To The Hospital

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Isaac Martinez is a shining inspiration to those of us who care so much about social media that we forgo all thoughts of personal wellbeing in search of getting just one more “like” or “retweet” from a random person on the Internet.


There’s Now A Selfie Stick That Vibrates And It’s Specifically For Sex


When a selfie stick isn't good enough to capture all of your sexcapades, there's always the sex selfie option.

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Anna Kendrick Shared More Stellar Advice On How To Take Better Naked Selfies


Remember last year when Anna Kendrick, our pretend Internet girlfriend, talked about visiting Reddit's "Gone Wild" section and shared some hilarious tips for taking naked selfies.

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