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‘Seinfeld’ Emoji App Is Coming Soon and Yada, Yada, Yada

Lupus! Is it lupus? No. It's Seinfeld emojis!

Donald Sterling Saga Gets Much-Needed “Seinfeld” Treatment

Step into my office.

What If “Seinfeld” Was Truly About Nothing?


Super Mario Bros Reimagined As ‘Seinfeld’ Is Something That Exists

The laugh track on this made me want to blow my fucking brains out. In fact, this entire video did […]

Here’s the Full Version of the ‘Seinfeld’ Super Bowl Commercial, Form Opinions Accordingly

Jerry Seinfeld must get asked, "when are you going to do a Seinfeld reunion?" by some mouth breather on the street at least once a

Your Head Will Explode Seeing These ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast Members on ‘Seinfeld’ Back in the Day

I've spent most of today gearing up for tonight's 70-minute Breaking Bad episode. It's going to be intense. In the meantime, every fan of the series needs

Broadcasting Hero Squeezes 41 ‘Seinfeld’ References into His Sports Report

I’ve searched far and wide—and failed—to find anything in this world I love as much as Seinfeld. So this amazing sportscast from Louisville anchor Adam

The Costanza: The Under Your Desk Nap Everyone Should Take

I have Costanza’d many times. All my instances of Costanza’ing happened at the same job — a marketing gig for a big time bankruptcy law

Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Is Back, with Sarah Silverman

Here's something you might be into. Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee--which gained a lot of steam at the end of its

The 7 Best Episode Blurbs From the Modern Seinfeld Twitter Account

If you’re like me, then your life has been an unspeakable hell since the last new episode of “Seinfeld” aired May 14, 1998. Sure, there

‘Game of Thrones: Seinfeld Edition’ Takes on the Wall, Joffrey and Arya Sparring

Game of Thrones continues to be a show about nothing. 

‘Kramer vs Levels’: The Avicii x Seinfeld Mash-Up The Internet’s Been Waiting For

This is a high point in Internet mash-up history. Finally, one brave soul mashed-up of various clips of Kramer dancing to Avicii's hit dance anthem,

Here Is a Game of Thrones, Seinfeld Mashup, and It Does Not Disappoint

"Game of Thrones is a show about nothing." 

Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards (Kramer) Discuss, ‘Seinfeld,’ Regrets, in Web Series Finale

This is a great watch. For the final episode of Jerry's web series, "Comedian's in Cars Getting Coffee," Jerry sought out longtime PiC Michael Richards,

Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld on Why Fear Is Funny

What happens when Ricky Gervais gets in a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III with Jerry Seinfeld behind the wheel? Comedy magic, thanks to Gervais' inconsolable

Comedian Nedroid Imagines What ‘Seinfeld’ Would Be Like If It was On TV Today

Ever wonder what plot arcs would consume the greatest show about nothing in an age of Facebook and Twitter and smart phones? Last week comedian

Teen Tweets Picture of Dying Man, Doesn’t, You Know, Help Him

While reading about this story, we couldn't help but think of the finale of Seinfeld, when George, Kramer, Jerry and Elaine witness a fat guy

The Cartoon in this Month’s New Yorker Caption Contest is From ‘Seinfeld’

Participating in the The New Yorker’s cartoon-caption contest is perhaps the only thing I do that could be construed as intellectual. Imagine my delight, then, when

Grading Jerry’s Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld’ (53 pics)

If you don’t think “Seinfeld” is the greatest show in the history of television, I simply must inform you that your opinion is wrong. It’s

Larry David’s Hilarious Explanation on Why He Was Trapped in a Parking Garage

A few weeks ago sitcom mastermind Larry David was trapped in a parking garage after having dinner with his children. Davd was unable to pay

Seinfeld Footage Turned Into a Brokeback Mountain Parody

Stretching the limits of old "Seinfeld" footage had to run it's course someday. That day might be today, as splicing the old footage has finally

Len Lesser, Who Played Uncle Leo on ‘Seinfeld,’ Dead at 88

Len Lesser, the actor who played Uncle Leo on "Seinfeld" and who made "Jerry Hellllllooooo" a catch phrase of the '90s, died of cancer-related pneumonia

VIDEO: ‘Seinfeld’ Reimagined as ‘Jerry the Great’

There are many "Seinfeld" mash-up or clip compilation videos floating around the web, but this new one, titled "Jerry the Great," is one of the