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Arkansas Frat Daddy’s Car Is A Trash Talking Masterpiece


Never mind the fact that the Arkansas Razorbacks football team is 14-23 since 2012, and are a perennial punching bag for every other SEC football team, this frat daddy from Arkansas is displaying his school pride for the whole world to see.


The 2015 College Football Betting Odds Are Out, And Vegas Went ALL-IN On Two Schools

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With only seven months remaining until the 2015 College Football season, Vegas figured Friday the 13th was a good day to kick off the 2015 College Football betting season.

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A Guide To Which SEC College Graduates Make The Most Money After Graduating


Tis the season for colleges talking shit about each other, especially in the SEC after a tumultuous rivalry week.

University of Georgia

Auburn Fan Writes Brutal Letter About The Huge Scumbags UGA Fans Are


On Saturday Georgia took on Auburn between the hedges in Athens, defeating War Eagle 34-7.

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Hate The Big Ten? Well, Then This Video Is For You


There's a great deal of discussion in today's college football landscape about bias.


If You’ve Never Read The Famous ‘LSU Corn Dog Story’ You Can’t Call Yourself A Real College Football Fan

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Okay, so maybe 'not a real fan' is a bit of hyperbole, but if you're a fan of college football (especially an SEC fan) the famous 'LSU Corn Dog Story' is required reading.


SEC Ref Realizes He’s Facing Wrong Way During Call, Then Freaks Out


In the first quarter of the Texas A&M-Mississippi State game, SEC ref Ken Williamson realized he was facing the wrong way on a call and then proceeded to have a mini meltdown.

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You Should Probably Hire Nick Saban To Manage Your Finances


Nick Saban appeared in a commercial for a bank in exchange for money.

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