Seattle Dude Pulls Off A Dunk That Was So Elaborate, It Required Police To Cut His Feet Out Of The Net


A Seattle dude who may or may not have been high on bath salts pulled off a dunk that was so impressive, it caused an audience of policemen and fire fighters to congregate on the court.

bachelor parties

Group Of Philly Bros Accidentally Invite Stranger To A Bachelor Party, Dude Plans On Flying From Seattle To Attend Anyway

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The second best thing about bachelor parties -- besides the drunken shenanigans at the bachelor party itself -- is how off-the-rails group e-mail invites can get.


According To This Chart The Seahawks Fans Were The Real Super Bowl Winners


After last night's crushing defeat, fans of the Seattle Seahawks are looking for something to keep their spirits up.


Seattle’s Obsessed With Football And Weed: 12,000 Joints Rolled For ’12th Man’ Twelve Pack


A weed retailer in Seattle has capitalized on the city's obsession with the number twelve by rolling 12,000 joints to be sold in twelve packs of joints, in honor of the Seattle Seahawks '12th Man'.


Seattle’s Officially Getting ‘Weed Vending Machines’, And I’m Just Here Looking Up Flights To Seattle


Slowly but surely Seattle, and the great state of Washington are embracing their legalization of pot.

christmas lights

This Holiday Lights Display Celebrates Seattle Sports, Will Likely Start A Neighborhood War


The fella in Buffalo who turned his holiday lights display into an ode to the Bills got a lot of run for his creation earlier this month.


Hot dogs from 20 cities in 90 seconds


Hot dogs are an unnecessary point of contention for people across the country.


Katt Williams loses mind, quits comedy


Then un-quits comedy, still can't find mind.

the 4:20 chronicle

The Seattle Police Department Releases the Greatest Police Statement of All Time RE: Smoking Pot


Starting today, marijuana is pretty much legal in Washington state, at least until the federal government ruins the party.


Video: The Most Polite and Respectful Robbery You’ll See Today


What I've just learned from watching this video (of a hold-up in Seattle, WA.


20 Reasons Why Pete Carroll Is An Idiot and Lane Kiffin Is Not


[inline:1]When the entire country is questioning why you would leave the gorgeous state of California, not to mention one of the most storied programs in all of college football, to go coach the hapless Seattle Seahawks -- a team from a city most famous for the 90s grunge movement, the world's largest free standing d*ldo, and a movie about insomniac lovers -- you are either a evil genius or a complete idiot.

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