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Seahawks General Manager John Schneider Posed Shirtless Wearing the WWE Championship Belt Last Night

Presented without comment. Well, that is, other than that comment about not having a comment and this comment about that comment about not having a comment.

The 14 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ever

The Super Bowl halftime show has become the biggest event of the entire day.

Here Are the Two Weirdest Seahaws Fans at Today’s Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship Game

The list of notable people at today's Seahawks-49ers game goes on and on and on: Dr. Dre, Dave Matthews, Ann Wilson.... fucking Macklemore. But... What th....

49ers Fan Sets Things Straight With Another Instagram Comparison Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson

Yesterday, someone (probably a Seahawks fan or 49ers hater) created a side-by-side of Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson's Instagram accounts. The intent was clear: make Wilson look

What Do Russell Wilson and the Rock Band Phish Have In Common?

No NFL stadium is quite as wild as Seattle's CenturyLink Field. No live music experience is quite as wild as a Phish concert. What happens when those

SportsBook.com Is Refunding Your Money if You Bet On the Packers Last Night

Here's your consolation prize, Green Bay. Your $50 bet back into your Sportsbook.com account so you can piss it away next week when the scab

Marshawn Lynch Goes Beastmode on the Eagles’ Defense

Remember Marshawn Lynch's historic run against the Saints last year? It was an exhibition in refusal to go down and poor tackling. Well,