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This Vending Machine Only Responds to Screaming

Memphis Meltdown is a slab of chocolatey peanut madness on a stick. And you can get one for free by shrieking wildly at this giant

Insane Arm-Wrestling Woman’s Screams Will Haunt You Forever

If you were inexplicably doing something other than watching the European Women’s Arm-Wrestling Championships, you missed some pretty compelling theater.

This New Red Band Trailer for ‘Evil Dead’ Is Quite Ridiculous

Reading a book does not appear to be worth it. At all. 

Watch to a Female Squater Scream Like a Pterodactyl While She Lifts

It's a really big day for Pterodactyl references here at BroBible. AAAArrrghhh...AAhhhhhhhhAAhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 

Augie Garrido, Baseball Coach at the University of Texas, Gives Epic, Profanity-Filled Pep Talks

Augie Garrido, head coach of the University of Texas baseball team, knows how to motivate his boys. And, considering he has 1,629 wins (more than