This Scottish Bro Having A Meltdown Is Proof That Scottish And English Are Separate Languages


This video settles it: the Scottish attempt to communicate is no longer via the English language.

man beat up for pizza

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See How Savagely This Man Was Beat Up For Slice Of Pizza


  You go to the bar to get completely plastered and the only thing that your body craves is a warm, gooey, carbohydratey slice of pizza.


This Canadian Newscaster’s Reaction To FHRITP Makes It Funny All Over Again


Of COURSE a Canadian reporter would have the most polite and friendly reaction we've seen yet to FHRITP being screamed during a live interview.


The Responses To This Dude On Grindr Asking About Scottish Independence Are Exactly What You’d Expect


We all know what Grindr is and what it’s used for (but if you don’t and want a quick explanation click here), one of those uses NOT being to poll people about their political stances.

john oliver

Let John Oliver Explain Scottish Independence So You Can Bring It Up With Chicks And Sound ‘Educated’


This week Scotland is having a vote on whether or not they want to stay as part of the United Kingdom.


There’s a River That’s Full of Whisky in Scotland and Why Aren’t We There Yet?


A whisky bottling plant in Scotland was fined almost $20,000 after spilling 6,600 liters of sweet, delicious, smoky, peaty, life-saving whisky into the River Ayr (which I assume is also in Scotland).

whisy with no age statement

Talisker Storm single malt scotch doesn’t need an age statement to bring the thunder


With Ron Burgundy set to hit the big screen next month, it's time to check out a new scotchy scotch scotch.


6 Reasons to Take a Bro Trip to Islay


Islay is a small, remote piece of land off the West Coast of Scotland that is home to about as many people as there are in most high schools around the US (approximately 3,000).


In Scotland They Don’t Take Kindly to Freeloaders on Their Trains


In the United States the authorities handle any disputes on public transportation, but it appears that in Scotland they handle their issues internally on their trains.

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