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Do Something Useful With Five Minutes of Your Life for Once, and Learn How to Taste Scotch

Like a man.

Scotch Scotch Scotch! There’s Now An Anchorman Scotch You Can Drink

It's called Great Odin's Raven Special Reserve because you're damn right that's what it is called. 

Former NFL Safety Tom Zbikowski Used to Enjoy 4 Scotches and 4 Guinnesses the Night Before Games

Just a nice nightcap, ya know. 

What’s This 110-Year-Old Woman’s Secret to Longevity? Scotch

Audrey Lott is turning 110 this Friday. Think about that—she was born during Theodore Roosevelt's presidency; she was 36 at the outbreak of World War II.

Every Scotch-Loving Bro Needs to Do This Today

Love scotch more than Ron Burgundy does? This is the one thing you need to do today. 

‘Mad Men’ Returns in April: 3 Things to Expect

It's 12:40 on a Wednesday afternoon. Give that scotch a stern pour.

Today in Very Sad News About Scotch

Anyone else out there appreciate a fine scotch? Prepare to have your heart broken.

6 Reasons to Take a Bro Trip to Islay

Islay is a small, remote piece of land off the West Coast of Scotland that is home to about as many people as there are

Get Buzzed With a Supercut of People Drinking Whisky on Film

We somehow forgot to alert you about World Whisky Day, which took place on March 27. As an act of contrition, here’s a supercut of