Allow SCIENCE! To Explain Why Some People See The Dress As White And Gold

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A debate over the color of a dress has broken the Internet.


Dropping Science Bombs On Your Head: Why Planes Can Fly In Hurricanes But Not In Thunderstorms


Every so often here on BroBible we like to hit you with some science, and today is one of those days.


3-Person Babies Will Soon Be A Reality: Babies With DNA From 2 Moms And 1 Dad Are Coming


The United Kingdom's House of Commons has just passed legislation that allows for the creation of babies from three people (two females, and one male) using IVF.

nice guys finish first

SCIENCE Says That The Phrase ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ Is Total Horseshit


We, as men, are very familiar with that stupid phrase "nice guys finish last.


This Is How You Prank Your Friends…With SCIENCE!


Ever get tired of the usual whoopie cushion strategically placed under someone's unsuspecting rear.

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