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According to Science, Lesbians Have More Orgasms Than Straight Women

Why would you even bother being straight?

10 Slow-Mo Explosions Done In The Name Of Science

If there's one thing that I learned from Bill Nye the Science guy back in the day, it's that explosions can be pretty badass.

Tonight’s Supermoon Is the Most Supermoon of All the Supermoons

The trillest.

Now Is the Best Time Ever to Lose Your Virginity, According to Science

You should travel back in time, stop yourself from losing it, then travel forward in time, and lose it now.

24 Cool Fucking Facts About the Universe


Does Penis Size Matter? Science Finally Chimes In.

Oh yeah, you bet your tiny little dick it does.

Fatties Everywhere Rejoice (With Cake) Study Says Fat People Less Likely To Die From Heart Problems Than Thin People

So this justifies the fact I ate large meat lover's pizza all by myself last night, right?

Science Says Apples Make Women Better at Sex

It's the vitamins., maybe.

5 Ways That Smelling Farts Could Save Your Life, According to Actual Science

This is not satire. This is science.

Real Scientific Study Concludes Women Who Like Sex Have Sex Because They Like Sex

Science went into overdrive with this one.

Science Can Now Create Artificial Vaginas, Probably For Blowup Dolls

What other purpose would a fake vag serve?

New Study Says Smoking Marijuana Improves Your Lungs

Marijuana smokers even performed better than non-smokers.

New Study Suggests Binge-Drinking Doesn’t Have Much Impact on Athletic Performance, So Drink Up


You Drink More Than You Think

And you aren't honest about it.

Procrastinate from Whatever You Have to Do with This Explanation of Why You’re Lazy

It turns out that laziness may be passed down along gene lines.

Science! Says That Shorter Men Have Longer Lives

Good news for all those sub 5'4" bros out there with a Napoleon complex.

50 Things Science Can’t Explain

If 99% of our DNA is the same as chimps, what is the thing that makes us different? Science!

Hot College Girls Answer: Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Illuminating stuff.

Neat Video Shows How the Universe Will End

We've got a ways to go.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Puts CNN’s Stupid Trolls In Their Place

Here's a very frustrating exchange between Bill Nye the Science guy and a panel on CNN's Crossfire.

‘Shrooming May Cure Depression

Good news, sad hippies!

Science Can Now Make Sperm From Your Skin

I mean, they are so often in contact.


The force is strong at MIT.

Two Genius High School Bros Solved the Ketchup Conundrum Forever

Your worst part of condiments is about to be rectified.

What if ‘Cosmos’ Was Made By Creationists?

Who made the heavens? Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Science! Has Discovered the Age We Physically and Mentally Peak

Bad news for the "peaked-in-high-school" crowd.

Here’s an Extremely Educational (and Entertaining!) Video About Why Ketchup Is Hard to Pour

Science is finally on the case.

A Cornell Bro Let a Bee Sting Him in the Dick For Class

Nerds are weird.

4 Scientific Reasons Doing the Wrong Thing Feels So Good

Science! has finally figured out how to explain why we're all a bunch of insufferable pricks. Thanks, Science!

Umm… Apparently There Are Two Kinds of Female Orgasm?

Uhhh... Science?

Shocking New Marijuana Study Reveals What You’ve Always Feared

Terrible news.

Sex Makes You Smarter Says Science

The best study ever is here to tell you sex makes you smarter.

Today in Great News About Pot: It May Stop the Spread of HIV

  A new study by Louisiana State University has some promising news about marijuana, and what its active ingredient, THC, […]

We All Almost Died From a Giant Asteroid Yesterday… And That’s Just the Beginning of the Story

Yesterday while you were enjoying your Presidents Day, a massive asteroid that’s about the size of three football fields flew […]

25 Percent of Americans Believe the Sun Revolves Around Earth

The next time you’re in a large crowd, take a good look around and think about the fact 1 in […]

And The Most Popular Racial Slur on Twitter Is…

A big let down. It’s “white boy.” The most popular racial slur used on the world’s second most popular social […]

SCIENCE! Has Discovered Why You Get the Munchies While High

Our favorite friend of the website, SCIENCE!, has finally tackled the issue of smoking pot and overindulging in food. A […]

Watch Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Debate Creationist Ken Ham Over How the Hell We Got Here

In case you missed it last night, childhood science class hero Bill Nye “The Science Guy” debated creatonist Ken Ham […]

Skip The Coffee; New Study Says Push Ups Are Better Pick-Me-Up

We here at the BroBible office are a big fan of the push up. 

Things You Can Do To Be Happier (According To Science)

Way too often, we overcomplicate things in our lives in pursuit of happiness. Really, when it comes down to it, happiness is way easier than you