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Cristiano Ronaldo is Ready for His First Day of School

All grown up.

There’s A Class That’s Teaching Girls How To Land Sugar Daddies

Being a gold digger is a learned skill these days.

Student Rick Rolls Physics Teacher in Truly Amazing Fashion

Sairam Gudiseva needed to write a physics paper. Sairam Gudiseva wrote a physics paper. Oh, did Sairam Gudiseva write a physics paper. The time this must

4 Ways Your Education Was a Conspiracy to Make You Bored

Lyndon Johnson would routinely urinate in public. Mozart wrote dirty lyrics. Einstein was a serial cheater. THE CHILDREN MUST KNOW THESE THINGS.

Subsitute Teacher on Heroin Passes Out In Class

If I have one official stance in life, it's this: do your drugs after work.

The 5 Professors You’ll Have in College

Feel free to call me a lame-o ala Rocket Power, but I actually go to most of my classes during […]

AP Exams Are the Biggest Scam in American Education

Back in my day, which coincided with Facebook’s Paleolithic Era—when Al Pacino graced the top-left hand corner and there were still those “GET RID OF