greek life

Dear Universities, Stop Blaming Greek Life For Everything


There’s nothing a university loves more than a scapegoat, especially one made of students and easily cracked down on to make a public overture of “progress” in dealing with a problem.

dumb teachers

Teacher Allows Class To Watch Movie As Reward And If You’re Thinking They Chose Porn, Nope, But Pretty Damn Close


Remember those random days off during the school year when teachers would have "in session" meetings.


These 12 Lies That Everyone Accepts As Fact Will Make You Question All The Years You’ve Spent In School


Did you know that alcohol actually makes you colder and doesn’t warm you up.


10 Bold-Faced Lies We Were All Taught In School


As every adult knows, we were fed a whole lot of bullshit when we went to school.


Teen arrested for writing about killing a dinosaur with a gun for school assignment


A teen was arrested for showing a hint of originality and creativity when given a stupid school assignment.


Student Rick Rolls Physics Teacher in Truly Amazing Fashion


Sairam Gudiseva needed to write a physics paper.


Cute girl who can’t stay awake in class is our official mascot


It's the first full week back at work for most of us after the holidays and I think we'll all find something relatable with this cute girl who is physically incapable of staying awake during class.

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