FSU Student Shot From 5-Feet Away Is Saved When His Books Stop Bullets From Taking His Life (PICS)


As I'm sure you've undoubtedly ready by now the Florida State University campus was shocked last night when a shooter began firing in the Strozier Library just after midnight.

school shooting

Woman reports school shooting as April Fool’s prank


  Angela Timmons, a 54-year-old employee (for now) at a college in North Carolina was arrested yesterday for texting her daughter that a shooting was going on at the college BUT APRIL FOOL'S Y'ALL I'M KIDDING ISN'T THAT HIGH-LARIOUS.

University of North Carolina

Today in Bad Ideas: UNC Student Fakes Shooting To Promote Startup


A UNC student-entrepreneur had a very bad idea for how to plug his new social media venture, Bevii.

University of Texas

Under Lockdown in Their Dorm Room, Three University of Texas Students Sing About Today’s Shooting


Someone just sent us in a video of three University of Texas students singing in their dorm room a song about today's shooting on campus.

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