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The Only 5 Things Guys Are Allowed to Fear (Other Than Commitment)

Being a young man means being afraid of everything but never letting anyone know it.

Go Home, Airplane. You Are Drunk.

OK, no one is drunk here, but I’m pretty sure I’d soil my underwear at least twice if I happened […]

This Is Why You Don’t Climb A Tree To Escape A Bear

Now would be a good time to stop pissing your pants and start playing dead. 

Here’s a Picture of a Rhino About to Attack Two Tourists

Woah, my God, this is nuts. The Daily Mail has the backstory:

Check Out This Incredibly Scary Lightning Strike During the Texas Rangers-Minnesota Twins Game

Major League Baseball players may have fame, money, and their pick of women, but deep down, they’re a lot like us. The Texas Rangers-Minnesota Twins