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Terrifying Video of Ghost Caught on Camera at Insane Asylum

An undeniable sighting, caught on camera, of a ghost at a haunted insane asylum in Haverstraw, NY. 

Here’s a Guy Getting Sucked Out of a Plane Because His Parachute Deployed Early

This is what happens when a paratrooper accidentally deploys his reserve parachute inside a plane. Wheeeeeeee!?

Dad Records Massive, Chilling Fertilizer Plant Explosion In West, Texas

Absolutely devestating news in West, Texas, where a fertilizer plant exploded on Wednesday evening after a fire. Firefighters were fighting the fire at the time

Watch Caleb Moore’s Scary Snowmobile Crash at the X Games

Caleb Moore had a violent crash Thursday at the Winter X Games Aspen. He wasn’t able to fully rotate on a backflip and his sled