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DNA Tests Have Linked FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston to Alleged Victim of Sexual Battery

One thing is now clear: Unless evidence was somehow tampered with and his DNA found its way into the alleged victims underwear, Jameis Winston and

The University of Alabama Is Extremely Racist: A Response to the UA Sorority Scandal

Now I know what Jay-Z meant when he said history don't repeat itself it rhymes, he was clearly talking about sorority discrimination.

Cap’N Crunch May Not Be a REAL Captain, CNN Reports

Big, if true.

Florida Teacher Told to Resign Over These Racy Photos

Olivia Sprauer is a 26-year-old who taught high school English in Martin County, Florida. She was forced to resign last week after her principal got

Seasoned Liars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Rose Offer Lance Armstrong Advice on ‘Extra’

The day is finally here, but thanks to Deadspin, even less people care about what Lance Armstrong is going to say to Oprah tonight. There

WTF!?! Arizona Cardinals Fullback Reagan Mauia Claims He Met Manti Te’o's Fake Dead Girlfriend

We've heard from Deadspin. We've heard from Manti Te'o (or his publicist). We've even heard from Notre Dame's top brass (who cried human tears over

Fat Girls Not Happy About Receipt From Restaurant Pointing Out That They’re Fat Girls

Hey, give the guy a break. It was busy in his section and it’s hard to remember which table is which.

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Comments on Lance Armstrong’s Doping Scandal

I was going to post his analysis of the final presidential debate, but this was too damn funny to ignore. Plus, no one cares about

Hulk Hogan is Upset You Watched His Sex Tape

If only sadness were a T-shirt. Hulk Hogan could just rip the pain away.

We’ve Got a Minka Kelly Sex Tape Scandal

Gulp. Here we go.

They Shot ‘Gangbang Girl #32’ at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Coliseum is currently best known for being the home of the USC Trojans, but it’s some Trojan-less activity at the taxpayer-owned stadium

There’s Nothing Like a Girl Exposing Herself to Spice Up a Student Yearbook

When you’re a senior in high school, you think that your yearbook is a treasured artifact that you’ll nostalgically look back on often as you

Own the Motorcycle That Crashed Bobby Petrino’s Career

Who wouldn’t want to own this priceless artifact? There is so much historical significance to the motorcycle ex-Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino crashed, leading to

Meet the Colombian Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal

This is the woman reportedly at the center of the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia. Her name is Tania. She’s a 24-year-old single mother

PSU Scandal Round-Up: Paterno Retiring at End of Season; Says ‘I Wish I had Done More’

UPDATE 11:02: The biggest sports scandal in recent memory continues to unfold in Happy Valley. In terms of drama, this is reaching OJ

Here are a Few Photos of the Broad Beiber Allegedly Knocked Up

By now everyone's heard that a 20-year-old named Mariah Yeater is suing Justin Bieber for child support claiming he is the father of her 3-month-old

Sarah Palin Allegedly Banged NBA Star Glen Rice While He Was Junior at the University of Michigan

Joe McGinniss's new book, The Rogue: Searching for The Real Sarah Palin, hits bookstores soon. The well-known author famously moved next to the Palin family

In Which Michael Irvin Calls Nevin Shapiro a Rapist and a Snake

The Playmaker was spitting straight fire in an interview today with ESPN Los Angeles, calling Nevin Shapiro everything short of an Abercrombie and Fitch-wearing fag,

The Top 10 Bros of the Financial Crisis

Ever since the financial system collapse of 2008, the mass media has been trying to scapegoat and shame the CEOs of some of the country's