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Nigerian Goalkeeper Basically Throws Ball into His Own Net Amid Allegations of Match-Fixing

Pretty, pretty obvious.

Manti Te’o, Notre Dame Release Statements On Craziest Story Ever

In the wake of the explosive Deadspin report about his not-so-real dead girlfriend, Heisman Trophy runner-up Manti Te’o has issued a statement.

Chinese Restaurant Shut Down After People Notice Owner Dragging in Roadkill

If you’ve eaten at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Ky., recently, you may want to take the day off to puke into your

Prince Harry Partying Naked in Vegas, Now With Photographic Proof

They can make Prince Harry shower every day and put him in the fanciest clothes in England, but deep down, Bro is still going to

Meet Taylor Corley, the Mississippi State Cheerleader Who Took Her Clothes Off For Playb*y

If there's one thing the media loves, it's a juicy story about a cheerleader getting in touch with her naughty side. Such is the

VIDEO: Sacramento Bacon-Bikini Contest Scandal Leads to Hard-Hitting News Investigation

Here's a seven minute-long hard-hitting investigation from Sacramento's KOVR CBS 13 about a sc*mbag who organized a bacon bikini contest for a fake diabetes charity

VIDEO: Sam Adams Arrested After Yelling ‘F*** the Police’ at Kansas State Party

Last night, Brozy Fratidore broke the news, as it was happening, that Sam Adams was arrested in the middle of a show at Kansas State.