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New ‘Better Call Saul’ Behind-The-Scenes Video Reveals A Returning Character From ‘Breaking Bad’


Better Call Saul cannot get here fast enough for fans of Breaking Bad so it was nice of AMC to drop this super fresh new behind the scenes look at the filming of the upcoming series, including the fact that our favorite lovably dangerous curmudgeon Mike is back.

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‘Breaking Bad’ getting a spinoff called ‘Better Call Saul’


Good news, folks, AMC and Sony Pictures have announced that they are moving forward with a Breaking Bad spinoff tentatively titled Better Call Saul.

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7 TV characters best equipped to run for President in 2012


You have your Wingnuts, Moonbats, Obama Zombies, Paulites, Tea Partiers, Perry-aires, Lefties, Righties, and whatever you call the Palin lovers.

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