SNL: Jim Carrey Ponders Life, Boogers And Vehicular Manslaughter As Matthew McConaughey In Lincoln Ad Spoof


You may have seen the Lincoln commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey driving the luxury automobile while contemplating the meaning of life, but they definitely lack the entertainment value of these fake ads on Saturday Night Live.

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Watch The Cast Of SNL Attempt To Do Their Best Jim Carey Impressions…In Front Of Jim Carey

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SNL can be hit or miss with its sketches at times, but when it's a hit, it's a hit, in which case I can safely say this sketch of the cast attempting to impersonate Jim Carey, to his face, is a hit.

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Bill Hader Can’t Stop Laughing At Himself In This Cut Coal Miner Sketch From ‘SNL’


Saturday Night Live hasn't exactly been great since Bill Hader left the show.


Do You Agree With Bill Murray’s Choice For The SNL Performer Who ‘Did The Best Work Anyone Ever Did’?


Much like it's impossible to say who was the best baseball player, greatest football player or hottest woman of all time it's impossible to choose the best Saturday Night Live performer of all time.

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Ebola, Dead Joan Rivers And White People Headline Best 3 Skits From SNL Hosted By Sarah Silverman


Sarah Silverman returned after 20 years to host Saturday Night Live after she was fired from the show's cast.

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The SNL 40th Season Premiere Tackled NFL Violence In Two Skits


The legendary show opened their 40th season with the cold open of Kenan Thompson as Ray Lewis and and Jay Pharoah as Shannon Sharpe on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

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