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An Open Letter to Jon Taffer, From a Bar Owner Who May or May Not Actually Exist

A different kind of "Dear Jon" letter.

Egypt Seems Chill: Their Version of Jon Stewart Forced to Quit Citing Threats

Who needs comedy when you have violent rioting?

20 Amazing Pics from ‘Satiregram,’ The Best Instagram Parody Account of All Time

Instagram is great and all, but there's a smug element of douchiness from millions and millions of it's users visualizing their mundanes lives and being all

The Best of Quotes, Lines, and Questions from ‘The Onion’s’ Reddit AMA

Yesterday, the good people at "The Onion," the widely-loved satire blog that is without a doubt "America's Finest News Source," braved the dark-depths of the

The 15 Funniest Fake Funny or Die Products

There's quite a few items I'd like to see invented before I kick the bucket: A flying car, a microchip to embed in my nose