Video Of Russian Army Training Is Proof That Russia Would Never Defeat The U.S. In Battle

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Classified footage of Russian Special Ops training has been leaked onto the Internet, and based on the clip above I think it's obvious that America has nothing to fear from the Red Army in the East.

golden ticket to heaven

Couple Selling Golden Tickets To Heaven: ‘We Just Wanted To Leave Earth, Go To Space And Smoke Rock Cocaine’ – #FLORIDA


Tito (Who appears to have lost a fight with a grill) and Amanda Watts have dreams just like you and me, but when they set their life goals and shoot for the stars, they take it quite literally.

upworthy porn headlines

If Upworthy wrote porn headlines


There seem to be two things that rule the Internet these days: Upworthy and pornography.


20 Amazing Pics from ‘Satiregram,’ The Best Instagram Parody Account of All Time


Instagram is great and all, but there's a smug element of douchiness from millions and millions of it's users visualizing their mundanes lives and being all like "Hey.


16 of the greatest ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ quotes


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is quite possibly the funniest show on television in the past 8 years, therefore I wouldn't be doing my job correctly if I didn't bring you the very best Always Sunny quotes in an effort to improve our catalog of popular quotes.


The Best of Quotes, Lines, and Questions from ‘The Onion’s’ Reddit AMA


Yesterday, the good people at "The Onion," the widely-loved satire blog that is without a doubt "America's Finest News Source," braved the dark-depths of the internet warzone known as Reddit to answer reader and fan questions.


The 15 Funniest Fake Funny or Die Products


There's quite a few items I'd like to see invented before I kick the bucket: A flying car, a microchip to embed in my nose to sniff out whether or not a chick has her period, a bong that automatically rinses out resin, an iPod that automatically selects the one song out of 50,000 that you really wanted to hear, yet still surprises the hell out of you.

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