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Watch a Drunk Santacon Bro Smash a Bud Light Can Into Shreds Using His Forehead

As much as I hate Santacon jackasses for taking over my neighborhood, this video is masterful. Perched on top of a snowy building somewhere below

This Drunken Santacon Brawl on NYC’s Third Avenue Is Further Proof Why Santacon Is THE WORST

Once upon a time, Santacon was filled with yuletime cheer and merrymaking. But then Santacon in Manhattan was invaded by every overly-agressive, roid-raging bridge-and-tunnel douchebag in the Tristate

SantaCon Sucks, But Not for the Reasons You Think

I did SantaCon yesterday, and I must be a Grinch because I thought it sucked.

Frat Dude Goes to SantaCon

Last time, I scoured Comic Con for Bros, with little success. So I decided to take a trip to SantaCon to answer the

VIDEO: SantaCon Overruns New York, and BroBible is There to Capture All the Drunken Merrymaking

Ho ho holy shit! Finally, a Saturday in New York City worth waking up for... and raging all day. I’ve been waiting for something like

Don’t Forget to Send Us Your Photos from SantaCon!

Our very own Eskimo Bro aka Snowboard Santa is busy cutting together his video from this past weekend's New York City SantaCon, but we want

Partying at SantaCon This Weekend? Send Us Your Photos and Videos!

Thousands of people dressed as Santa Claus will drunkenly parade around New York City this Saturday as part of the epic bar crawl/traveling party known