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A Santacon Participant Might Have Gotten a Handjob in a Drugstore (Of Course There’s Video)

The word decorum exists for a reason. 

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Dutifully Reports Both Santa and Jesus are White

News you can … use … I guess?

This ‘Biggest Santa Fails’ Supercut Doesn’t Include Footage of Him Skipping Poor Kids’ Houses

We really grabbed that headline by the balls, didn't we?

Massachusetts Mall Santa Charged With Groping Woman Playing an Elf

Merry Christmas, everyone. ‘Tis the season to thwart unwanted sexual advances from Kris Kringle. 

UPS Delivery Man Caught Stealing on Camera—This Is the Future, Folks

On the surface, this is just a video of an asshole UPS employee stealing one kid's Christmas present. Which is depressing and sad and proof

Lucy Pinder Wearing a Santa Hat and Little Else is What the Holiday Season is All About

Oh, Pinder. So very sexy. I'd love to see her come down my chimney, but more so, I'd like to go up hers...and stay awhile.

How Creepy Is the Samsung Galaxy S III Sexting Commercial with Mrs. Claus and Santa?

Caught this yesterday during football and it sorta freaked me out. Everyone knows the Samsung Galaxy S III commercial with the kinky blonde wife telling

Mall Santa Attempts Dramatic Entrance, Instead Gets His Beard Stuck and Becomes an Ornament

Ho, ho, no. 

VIDEO: Drunken Santa Stumbles Into the Holiday Season

Santa likes to get f*cked up, everybody knows that. You try hanging out with dwarfs and mutant reindeer all f*cking day and see if sobriety