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Pistons’ Andre Drummond Plays Game with Sandy Hook Victims’ Names Written on Shoes


Saturday was the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings.

video games and violence

Senator Lamar Alexander says guns don’t kill people, but video games do


While Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander didn't say those exact words, the sentiment is definitely there.


The NRA, predictably, blames video games in their Sandy Hook response


Though the games the NRA cited were TOTALLY out of left field.

sandy hook shootings

Two Protestors Crashed NRA Press Conference that Blamed Sandy Hook on Media, Video Games (VIDEO)


After a period of what NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre called "respectful silence," the gun organization finally held its big post-Sandy Hook massacre press conference today.

sandy hook

Thai Restaurant Owner Doesn’t ‘Care If a Bunch of White Kids Got Killed’


Shockingly, people aren’t lining up to eat at his establishment right now.

Sandy Hook tragedy

Providence left 26 seats vacant to honor Newtown victims


Providence College blocked off 26 seats last night to honor Newtown victims.


Winthrop Coach Pat Kelsey Delivers Moving Speech on Sandy Hook Tragedy After Loss


Winthrop head coach Pat Kelsey took his team into Columbus to face the fourth-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes last night.

Video games

A proposed 24 hour online cease fire to honor the victims of Sandy Hook


Many believe that video games are to blame for what happened last Friday morning in Newtown, Connecticut.

Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson Runs for 94-Yard Touchdown With Names of Sandy Hook Victims on His Cleats


Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson paid tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting by wearing all of their names on his shoes for tonight’s game against the New York Jets.

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