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This Woman Falsely Claimed to be Aunt of Newtown Victim in Order to Claim Money

Stop everything, guys! I've found the most horrible person in the U.S. today.

Two Protestors Crashed NRA Press Conference that Blamed Sandy Hook on Media, Video Games (VIDEO)

After a period of what NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre called "respectful silence," the gun organization finally held its big post-Sandy Hook massacre press conference today.

Mac Lethal’s Anti-Westboro Baptist Church Rap is Incredible

Honestly, he could have screamed "SUCK A DICK, WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH" for the entire 4-minutes and we'd have been on board with his message. But

Morgan Freeman Didn’t Give the Quote on the Sandy Hook Tragedy That’s Been Going Around Facebook

Anytime there's a tragedy, we tend to turn to our more respected voices to get their thoughts on why these awful things are happening. And

Westboro Baptist Church Wants to Protest at Sandy Hook, Because They’re the Worst F*cking People

I know this is said again and again and again, every time the Westboro Baptist Church does something like this, but since these people are

5 Ways to Help the Victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy

If you're like us, you're probably still in a state of shock from the events that occurred on Friday. And if you're here, you're probably