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You’ll Die Before You Finish This Sandwich the Spurs Made For the NBA Finals

It's pretty heavy on the meat and fried things.

The Girl Who Promised to Make Her Boyfriend 300 Sandwiches Got Engaged After Making 257 Sandwiches

Back in September, we told you about a New York Post writer Stephanie Smith, who promised to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in exchange for

This Cocaine Sandwich Looks Delicious

It's like Sriracha, but with more piquancy.

I Didn’t Plan On It, But I Ate a Sandwich on the Toilet

My life lacks anything resembling ambition, yet, it doesn’t matter how engrossed I am in a Maury rerun or how diligently I’m not applying for

LeBron James and Johnny Manziel Star in McDonald’s Commercial For a New Sandwich You Aren’t Good Enough to Eat

It's for Heisman trophy and NBA Finals MVPs only.

The 33 Best College Sandwich Shops In America

Jimmy Johns is great and all, but if you’ve never experienced the drunk food magic of an Are U Hungry? […]

Girlfriend Is Making Her Boyfriend 300 Sandwiches with the Hope He Puts a Ring On It

"The only way to a guy's heart is through his stomach." That quote has always made me cringe, mostly because I'm a dude who loves to

Here’s a Statue of Robert Griffin III Made Out of Subway’s Smokehouse Barbecue Chicken

Subway has continued its unique tradition of crafting statues of the top NFL draft prospects out of meat. God, I love America. Here’s a giant