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10 Things Guys Should Know When Traveling to San Diego

All summer long we’ll be releasing our BroBible Travel Guides to your favorite travel locations. The guides are intended on being

Watch Lewis Black’s Hilarious Commencement Address at UC San Diego

I know, I know. It's a little late in June to still be sharing celebrity graduation addresses. But still, this gem by Lewis Black from

This Close-Up Video of the San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Is INSANE

Rockets red glare indeed. This is freakin' awesome. 

The San Diego Fireworks Show Was Just the Worst

As in many places around our great country, the good people of San Diego were fired up for a fireworks extravaganza last night. To say

VIDEO: Hot San Diego TV Host Renee Kohn Gives a Turkey Call Fellatio

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Renee Kohn and folks at morning show called "San Diego Living" decided to demonstrated the different types of turkey calls.