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Tony Gwynn Dies at 54

One of the all-time greats.

A Baby T-Rex Threw Out the First Pitch in San Diego Today

But it'd rather be killing you.

San Diego Padres Ballgirl Makes Terrific Catch

Nice snag.

San Diego Padres CF Will Venable Made a Ridiculous Game-Saving Catch

San Diego Padres’ Will Venable made a catch last night that was equal parts amazing and timely. His Jim Edmonds-like backward dive in deep center

San Diego Padres Announcers Talk About Crushing Babes, Hot Dogs

The San Diego Padres announcing team of Dick Enberg and Mark Grant combined to deliver the most Bro-tastic moment of the MLB season last night.

San Diego Padres Reporter Kelly Crull Gets Unexpected Gatorade Bath

Being a sideline reporter is a dangerous job. You must deal with errant baseballs and obnoxious in-game interviews. Even when the game ends, you’re still

San Diego Padres Fan Makes Sensational Grab on Yuniesky Betancourt’s Home Run

Nothing endears an Average Joe to the American people like making a sick grab during a baseball game. That’s precisely why this San Diego Padres

Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter Account Sends Out Perfectly Timed ‘Anchorman’ Burn

It was a rough night for the Los Angeles Dodgers on the diamond, in the parking lot, and in the future.

Carlos Quentin Charges Mound, Breaks Zack Greinke’s Collarbone in All-Out Brawl

An all-out brawl broke out in last night’s San Diego Padres-Los Angeles Dodgers game after Carlos Quentin was hit by a Zack Greinke pitch. It

Padres Announcer Uses ‘Hubba Hubba’ to Describe Ball Girl’s Catch

I'm all for getting pumped-up about a nice grab, but this has to be uncharted territory. 

Padres Fan Gets His Head Stomped by Other Padres Fans After Dodgers/Padres Game

I'm not trying to take sides on this Padre-on-Padre hate crime -- because the guy laid out in the street might be in horrific condition

Foul Ball Lands in Padres Fan’s Beer, Promptly Chugs It Down

This San Diego Padres fan paid good bucks for that beer and he's not going to let something like a dirty baseball interfere with him

The Los Angeles Dodgers Turned a Clusterf*ck Into a Triple Play

The Los Angeles Dodgers turned one of the most unique triple plays in baseball history yesterday, mainly because not a single person knew