Woman Thinks She’s Found A ‘Prize’ In Her Nature Valley Granola And SURPRISE! It’s A Bag Of Cocaine


Why don't I ever open up a box of Hot Pockets and a bag of pure Colombian blow falls out, or go to fill up my cup from a soda dispenser and miraculously Pappy Van Winkle bourbon pours into my cup.


School bans sunscreen because ‘kids could drink it’ and we’re all huge pussies


Apparently San Antonio, Texas is now ground zero for the further pussification of America, because a school there has just banned sunscreen on campus.

san antonio

San Antonio Radio Host Confronted Charles Barkley, Almost Gets His Ass Kicked


Charles Barkley sure picked the wrong time to insult an entire city of women.


Hot dogs from 20 cities in 90 seconds


Hot dogs are an unnecessary point of contention for people across the country.

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