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Conan O’Brien Makes Fun Of Flaccid iPhone 6s And Samsung Raging Phoners


Conan O'Brien is the latest comedian to jump on the iPhone 6 comedy bandwagon, taking a jab at how the iPhone 6 is "flaccid" and the Samsung is "stiff.


This commercial for the Samsung Gear might be the most hilariously bad ad ever


The Samsung Gear is one of those wearable technology things that ties to your phone and blah blah nerd stuff.


Amazon Is Selling This $40,000 TV, People Are Flooding the Page With Fake and Hilarious Reviews


I'd personally like to thank Amazon for murdering what is usually the most productive hour of my day.

Samsung TV

Samsung will sell you the TV of the future for $9k


Samsung and LG have been battling for home theater supremacy for years now, but Samsung's KN55S9C curved screen OLED TV may have just put them in the lead.

smart watches

Samsung smartwatch on the way


Ever since Pebble, a smartwatch built around e-paper, took off on Kickstarter, every major tech company has decided that you want a smartwatch.


Samsung built a fridge that makes you soda


The SodaStream is a useful little gadget that makes you soda right there, at home.


Samsung parodies ‘sexting’ ad with Mrs Claus and Santa


You know that kind of sexy Samsung ad where a wife insinuates to her husband that she gave him a video of herself doing naughty things on video on his phone.


How Creepy Is the Samsung Galaxy S III Sexting Commercial with Mrs. Claus and Santa?


Caught this yesterday during football and it sorta freaked me out.

scented phone

Samsung has patented a perfume spraying phone


The dumb concept of "smell-o-vision" has been with us for way too damn long.

Xperia PLAY

Well, this is one way add buttons to Android games


As noted yesterday, what good is a sexy looking smart phone game if it plays like crap.

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