SI Swimsuit Model Samantha Hoopes Gives Us A Proper Lesson In Underboob


Samantha Hoopes was one of our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue rookies this year, for obvious reason, but also because her Instagram game is A+.


Thongs, Handbras, Tan Lines, Samantha Hoopes’ SI Swimsuit Outtakes Video Has It All


Samantha Hoopes was one of 12 rookies in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was not a name that I was familiar with that until she appeared in the magazine.

SI Swimsuit video

Kate Upton and Her SI Swimsuit Model Friends Dancing to ‘Girls in Bikinis’


Kate Upton and a bunch of SI Swimsuit models dancing to Lee Brice's "Girls in Bikinis.

SI Swimsuit body paint video

Emily Ratajkowski and her friends in body paint for a sexy new SI video


In case you missed earlier in What's Winning, I wanted to make damn sure you saw this new video of Emily Ratajkowski and friends getting body painted up for the SI Swimsuit Issue.

sexiest videos of 2014

SI Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes is also one hell of a lingerie model


If we knew then what we know now about SI Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes we would have stuffed the ballot boxes to make her the Rookie of the Year.

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