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New Japanese Condom Ads Are as Fucking Weird as You’d Expect

It would be more confusing if they were sane.

Are Ribbed Condoms Worth It? An Experiment Involving Lots of Sex

Well... only one way to find out.

5 Times Adult Films Get Things Disastrously Wrong

It's not all roses and facials IRL.

Explaining the Science Behind ‘Plan B’ Emergency Contraception

Because no one really reads books anymore unless they're about flying werewolfs or underwater vampires, here's a video about what happens when a condom breaks.

Bro Invention of the Day: The One-Handed Condom Wrapper

Well here's something that needed to be invented: A condom wrapper that can be opened with one hand. The condom's actual safety is debatable, but

‘The Safe Sex Rap’ Is the Best 3 Minutes You Will Spend Today

This video has been circulating around in YouTube obscurity for about three years. But after a Reddit post with the topic "My coworker Ethan will

‘Where Did You Wear It’ Condoms Track Where You Had Sex a la Foursquare Check-Ins

Here's a nifty new way to tell the world where and when you just had sex. But in order to do it, you have to

How Condoms Are Made: A Tour of Trojan’s Condom Factory

"Trojan Condoms: The Only Thing We Can't Protect Is Your Dignity" and "Trojan Condoms: Because Ugly Chicks are Mad Fertile" are my two