SAE At Indiana University Is Opening a $4.5 Million Frat Castle


The fraternity house arms race is offically on.


Here’s Erin Andrews Visiting SAE at WVU This Past Weekend


For the permanent record's sake, let's all listen to EA showing all kinds of love for SAE at WVU.

University of Michigan

BroBible and SAE Throw Epic Tailgate Party at the University of Michigan


Ann Arbor, Michigan, might as well be called College Town, USA.

University of Arizona

Photo Gallery: 50-plus Reasons Why the University of Arizona’s ‘Jungle Party’ is One of the Greatest


Editor's Note: We're always on a noble quest to hear about the best college parties at your college and university.


At the SAE Mud Bowl, At Least One Michigan Football Team Emerged Victorious


[inline:mich3] [inline:cert]While University of Michigan football is of course a religion here in Ann Arbor, one Wolverine squad isn't currently taking it up the ass, this of course being the SAE Mudbowl team.

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