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Sacramento Kings Rock Google Glass, Let You Experience an NBA Introduction

Ever wonder what it would be like to be introduced in front of a packed stadium?

Charlie Villanueva’s Really Hard Foul on Isaiah Thomas Earned Him a $25K Fine

Dude is obviously a big fan of the Bad Boys. The only problem is, those Detroit Pistons teams were good. This one sucks a fattie.

Report: Sacramento Kings May Move to Virginia Beach

This would be the strangest professional sports relocation in, well, maybe ever.

Watch This Spectacular Reverse Putback Slam by Donte Green

It takes perfect timing and a world of athletic ability to accomplish a putback dunk in the NBA, but  to perform a reverse

Admitted Frauds at Power Balance Buy Naming Rights to Sacramento Kings’ Stadium

Remember last week when we told you that the company that makes Power Balance bracelets was forced to admit to Australian media that their products