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Macklemore’s Sidekick Ryan Lewis Asked Music Fans What They Thought About Ryan Lewis, Harsh Realities Ensue

No one knows who Ryan Lewis is. Not even Ryan Lewis.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release ‘Stay At Home Dad’ On Fathers Day

The apple of the music industry's eye re-releases their 2010 ode to stay at home dads.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Have Dropped the Video for ‘Can’t Hold Us’ (ft. Ray Dalton)

We all know Thrift Shop, but this effort off Macklemore's watershed album, The Heist, has been slowly creeping up the charts as well. Even if you're not all up

Watch Nardwuar Conduct a Hilarious Interview with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

After watching around 50 Nardwuar interviews, I'm absolutely convinced that he's the Mike Wallace of our time. By using his own weirdness (and extensive research),

Macklemore’s Re-Released ‘Irish Celebration’ Will Cure Your Never-Ending St. Paddys Hangover

A year ago today, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were no-names relative to the international throne that they are sitting atop right now. Knowing this--and realizing

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis Give an Illuminating Interview on ‘Music Talks,’ Talk About Thrift Shoppin’

More dope stuff from this rising musical duo. Here, on the set of "Music Talks," the two discuss everything from getting overly dolled up for

This Is a Pretty Cool Fifteen-Minute Documentary About Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Take a break from poppin' tags and learn a thing or two about this recent hip-hop success story.