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Like, Yea Dude. We’re Gonna Watch This Russian Guy Yell at Some Ducks

And you're gonna like it.

Russian Guy Freaks Out When Friends Prank Him While He’s Using Oculus Rift

If you believed the headline, you'd conclude that I posted this video because a man was pranked while using an Oculus Rift.

Crazy Russian Stunt Teenagers Make ANOTHER Crazy Stunt Video


What the EFF Did Alex Ovechkin Post to Instagram Today?

Dub Tee Eff, Russia

Watch a Man Pull Out an Axe While Fighting in Today’s Most Russian Video

Never bring your fists to an axe fight. And thanks, Russia, for constantly upping the Weird.

The Russians Were Kind of Dicks to Team USA After Beating Them In Hockey

Clearly the Russian team participating in the World Junior Hockey Championship hasn't seen Rocky IV. Russian Paul Buchnevic locked the win for Russia late in the third period

Cheap Shot or Okay? Man Throws Face Kick Right After Fighters Touch Gloves

Fighters tapping gloves at the start of a bout is a time-honored display of respect. 

Photos From Russian Online Dating Websites Are Your New Favorite Thing

A Redditor (God Bless Reddit) uploaded photos found on popular Russian dating websites. 

There’s a Terrifying Flesh-Eating Russian Drug Called Krokodil That Addicts Are Now Using In Arizona

This is one of the most terrifying things I've ever read. Of course it comes from Russia. 

These Crazy Russian Bros Climbed Some of Europe’s Most Famous Landmarks

Back in March, a group of insane Russian photographers climbed the Great Pyramids of Giza and came away with viewpoints unlike anything you'll ever see.

Jacked Russian Strongman Literally Rolls Up a Frying Pan Like It’s a Joint

If you've got the muscle-power to pull this off, this is certainly one hell of an impressive party trick. This Russian strongman effortlessly rolls this

Ever Wonder How a Russian Billionaire Lives?

LIKE A BOSS, that's how a Russian Billionaire lives. Vice's Ryan Duffy, who you might recognize from Vice's fantastic HBO newsmagazine, recently met up with

Amazing Video of a Failed Russian Rocket Launch + Explosion

According to reports, Russia launched a Proton-M rocket today that was carrying three satellites for the GLONASS navigation system. Shortly after liftoff, however, things went terribly

This Maddening Russian Music Video with Little People the Most WTF Russian Thing Ever

Every creature with a high speed Internet connection knows that Russia is the weirdest place on the planet, right next to Florida and Ohio. This

Rich People in Russia Are Hiring Fake Ambulances to Drive Them So They Can Avoid Moscow’s Traffic

If there isn't a Grand Theft Auto: Russia Edition soon, something is seriously wrong because they are just killing the audition in every way possible.

Watch Russian Dude ‘The Punisher’ Totally Take Out Drivers Who Cut Him Off

Alright, fuck this guy. Get that he's trying to send a message and/or appear to be cool or whatever, but this is too far. People

Comedian Dan Soder Hilariously Explains Why ‘Russians are the Scariest White People’

This is a name you'll probably be hearing a lot of over the next few years. NYC-based comedian Dan Soder--who just filmed a half-hour special

Bored? Check Out This Russians Are CRAZY Compilation

In Russia, you don't make video compilation, video compilation makes you...and it also makes silly Americans very entertained.

Russians Go Down a Ski Slope In an Inflatable Ball, Until Something Goes Terribly Wrong

So this happened in Dombay, Russia, allegedly. It's all fun and games until your giant inflatable ball goes skidding off the side of a MASSIVE

Drunk Russian Front-End Loader Demolishes Seven Cars

Russia, man. It never disappoints. Stick around to watch everyone in the parking lot give the drunk heavy machinery operator a piece of their mind.

Apparently They Watch ‘Hillbilly Handfishing’ In Russia

In Soviet Russia, fish eat you! 

Large Breasted ‘Skywalker’ Films Her Daring Journey and Her Tits

In Russia, sky walks you. Yep, in case you were wondering, this massive titted, skywalking women is Russian and hope she never shows her face.

Russian Boat Outing Features Casual Grenade Throwing, Explosions

Of course they're ok--they're Russian.

Crazy Russians Free Climb Massive Building Frame

Any guys out there have the balls to do this? I know my palms got sweaty at about the 30-second point. And I may have

These Crazy Climbing Russians Are Out of Their Mind

The guys who climbed the Bridge to Russky Island were crazy enough. These climbing Russians, however, might just one-up them in batsh*t craziness. Their whole skywalking

16 Reasons We Love Russian Lingerie Model Natalia Belova

Oh. My. Russian fashion model Natalia Belova has a tantalizing new photoshoot for Panache Lingerie's spring/summer collection that you don't want to miss. Straight from

Check Out the Amazing ‘Fishing Line Trick Hockey Shot’ from the KHL All-Star Game Skills Competition

Ah, the old "puck attached to fishing line" trick. Vladimir Tarasenko of Team Sergei Fedorov in the KHL pulled it off flawlessly in

Russian Guys Buy a Bunch of Alcohol with a Duffle Bag of Cash

What inconsiderate pricks. This is such a new-money move. Everyone gets it, you have money. It was probably clear to them from the

The First 25 Seconds of This Russian Strawberry Juice Ad Are Awesome, Then It Gets Weird…

What a perplexing tease. If I lived in Russia, I'd ban this juice brand for ruining 25 perfectly wonderful seconds in with a

This is Why You Don’t Get in the Water at an Russian Oceanarium Dolphin Show

Note of the man in the white shirt, who decided to go swimming with the dolphins at a Russian oceanarium. Yeah, that wasn't smart, buddy.

Drunk Russian Tries to Get Out of DUI by ‘Calling’ His Dad with a Pack of Cigarettes

See the look on this guy's face? That's the look of a man who knows he's chest-deep in a steamy, stinky pile of rotten dog

Russian Bro Brutally Taken Out by Cops

Listen, it's Russia. I know Ovechkin came from there and that Putin likes his wild animals;  everything I else I learn from the movies: they're