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Crazy Russians Built the Craziest Russian Car Ever

What in the actual hell is this nightmare machine? Hopefully Putin isn’t planning on invading Ukraine with a fleet of […]

FIRE IN THE HOLE: The Russian Women’s Curling Team Has a Few Hotties

Sochi might be a nightmare for visitors/everyone, but the Russian woman’s curling team has a few hot babes, you guys. […]

Goalie Lets Vladimir Putin Score Game-Winning Goal, Lives

Russian President Vladimir Putin scored the winning goal in a shootout when his amateur team played the Legends of Russia. I’d comment on

Russian Man Hit By Speeding Car on Highway Will Shockingly Be Alright

You’re not going to believe me, but I’ll tell you anyway. This guy suffered only a broken leg after taking an unbelievably powerful

Drunk Russian Tries to Get Out of DUI by ‘Calling’ His Dad with a Pack of Cigarettes

See the look on this guy's face? That's the look of a man who knows he's chest-deep in a steamy, stinky pile of rotten dog

How Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov Partied With Eight Models, Made $10 Billion, and Much More

After Duke knocked off Baylor tonight to join West Virginia, Michigan State, and Butler in the Final Four, CBS kept with the basketball theme on