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This Russian Hockey Player Chick Broke Her Stick Over The Head Of An American Hockey Player Chick

Shots fired. Cold War Part 2 about to pop off.

Russian Twerkers Make Us Forget We’re Supposed to Be Mad at Russia

Had twerking been around in the 80s, it could've ended the Cold War.

Alena Shishkova Will Steal Your Heart

Russian hottie Alena Shishkova is relatively new on the scene, but what she lacks for in familiarity she more than makes up for in...everything else. 

You Won’t Be Able to Get Enough of the Super Sexy Nataliya Tkalina (20 Pics)

This Russian babe has exploded onto the scene, shattering any former attractiveness scale measures in the process. Ms. Tkalina is simply off the charts, as

Irina Shayk Is Beyond Stunning

There's stunning, there's beyond stunning, then there's Irina Shayk. Ms. Shayk, who may be everyone's favorite Russian, is back in action with a steamy set

Masha Philippova Will Brighten Up Your Tuesday

Exponentially, in fact. This is Philippova, a Russian hottie to the highest degree, melting all those Siberian tundras rather effortlessly.