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Epic (Racist?) Russian Trolls Project Image of Obama Blowing a Banana Onto U.S. Embassy

They did it with a laser.

Like, Yea Dude. We’re Gonna Watch This Russian Guy Yell at Some Ducks

And you're gonna like it.

Another Reason to Hate Russia: They’re Anti- ‘House of Cards’

Fucking Ruskies.

Cops In Russia Aren’t Allowed To Wear Skirts Anymore Because They Were Getting Too Short

I don't see how this is a problem.

This Kid’s Dick Was So Big It Landed Him In Jail

Clearly size does matter.

Today in Russia: Vladimir Putin Dominates a Hockey Game

Obama could never do this.

Today in Russia: Bathing Naked in Cheese

Russians. Always doing the weirdest things.

Insane Russian Teenagers Drop the Craziest GoPro Stunt Compilation You Will Ever Watch

Apparently no one in Russia is afraid of heights and/or death.

So…Sochi is Already Completely Deserted

From the people at EnglishRussia.com comes new photos from the 2014 Winter Olympics' home, Sochi, Russia.

Now That Crimea Has Been Taken, Liam Neeson Is Personally Involved

You take something, you are automatically messing with the wrong person.

American Newscaster On Russian Network Quits Her Job On-Air, Gives Putin a Huge Middle Finger LIKE A BOSS

What a huge, ballsy move by American newcaster Liz Wahl.

Crazy Russians Built the Craziest Russian Car Ever

What in the actual hell is this nightmare machine? Hopefully Putin isn’t planning on invading Ukraine with a fleet of […]

“The Daily Show” Explains Why Russia Produces So Many Insane Videos

In Russia, craziness finds you.

Teen Sets Himself on Fire and Then Throws Himself Off 5-Story Building Onto the Smallest Pile of Snow Imaginable

When is it not the perfect day to set yourself on fire and maybe die?

Russian Genius Tries to Hitch His Broken Down Car to a City Bus — Guess What Happens Next?

Meanwhile in Russia...

Russia Is About to Ban Sexy Panties

  Bad news for our Eastern European brethren. Sexy panties are about to be outlawed in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. […]

Russia Hockey Coach Wants to Be Eaten Alive After Disappointing Olympic Elimination

For the third straight Olympics, Russia’s hockey team will not be bringing home a medal. Today’s 3-1 loss to Finland […]

Do You Want to Watch Russian Dash Cam Video of a Shootout? Of Course You Do

Man, you’d think after today, most Russians would avoid shootouts. Because they always lose them. AMERICA. But seriously, here’s a […]

5 Awful Stories You Haven’t Heard About the Winter Olympics

Having the Winter Olympics in Russia is going great: The hotels are barely habitable, stray dogs are everywhere, and the […]

Today in Horrible Olympic News: Russia Is Poisoning All the Stray Dogs in Sochi

Oh, you thought the news out of Sochi couldn't get worse?

Watch a Man Pull Out an Axe While Fighting in Today’s Most Russian Video

Never bring your fists to an axe fight. And thanks, Russia, for constantly upping the Weird.

Drunk Russian Bro Passes Out in Most Improbable Position Possible

He's bending like a demon baby. PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND LIKE THIS.

First Russian Dashcam Video of New Year Includes a Shovel vs. Knife Faceoff

Two cars crash on the Russian tundra. One driver hops on top of the other's minivan while brandishing a knife. The other driver counterattacks with

Twerking Russian Girl Does Things With Her Ass That Most People Can Only Do If They Had a Seizure

Can't really say much more about the girl twerking in the video, but look at the Bro in the background. The next time you're about

Russian Babes in Lingerie Work Ticket Counter for Hockey Team, Do Not Hurt Sales

Sex sells worldwide. This is an irrefutable fact, my friends. So does Benny Hill music on an endless loop. 

Russia Continues to be Russia: A Couple Does a Tandem Bungee Jump, Girl Doesn’t Wear a Harness

Jesus Christ. Did you hear how loud she fucking screamed? No? Oh, that's right, you didn't hear shit because both of them didn't make a fucking sound.

Oh, Just a Russian Child Wrestling a Bear While ‘Candy Shop’ Plays

This Russian video has EVERYTHING: Tracksuits, a child in danger, techno remixes of decade-old American songs, a bear. The Svedka must just out of view. And let's pretend

Do 30 Squats, Ride the Subway for Free…Only in Russia

Christ, this is BRILLIANT. Leave it to Russia, right? 

Russian Artist Nails His Scrotum to Street in Protest Against the Government

What do you do when you're angry with something in the world? When you feel disenfranchised? Or powerless? You nail your testicles to a cobblestone road,

A Russian 18-Year-Old Sold Her Virginity for $27,700 Online, Because Russia

Someone bid 900,000 rubles, or about $27,700, in order to deflower her. WTF, Russia.... 

Russian Bodybuilder’s Stage Routine Is As Crazy As You Think It Would Be

In Russia the routine does you...

How Drunk Is This Russian Truck Driver?


Get Us This Flying Russian Raft!

Russia doing it big. Practically the only way they know how to do anything in the first place. 

The 17 Craziest Videos From Russia

No one -- absolutely no one -- does zanny dash cam videos like Mother Russia... 

Russian Sushi Ad Caters to Men Who Like Looking At Female Genitalia

Because Russia. Always because Russia.

Amazing Video of a Failed Russian Rocket Launch + Explosion

According to reports, Russia launched a Proton-M rocket today that was carrying three satellites for the GLONASS navigation system. Shortly after liftoff, however, things went terribly

Here’s Must-See Video of a Russian Driver Hitting a Cow Getting Banged By Another Cow


This Dancing Russian Club Kid Can’t Be Contained

You might have many questions about this video, spotted by Gawker's Max Read an hour ago. These questions might go like this:

Enjoy a Great Collection of Russian Dashcam Videos That Turned Out… Okay

In RUSSIA, car... sometimes doesn't kill you.

Russian Bros Drink a Bottle of Vodka Then Have a Swim Meet

Just another morning excercise in Mother Russia.