meanwhile in russia

This Guy’s Experience Is All The Reason You Need To Never Cheat On Your Wife Or Girlfriend With A Random Chick


Meet Dmitry Nikolaev, a 30-year-old TV actor in Russia, and also a guy who's attempt to cheat on his wife went bad.

drinking fail

This Is The Craziest Shot At A Bar Ever And You Could Get Brain Damage Doing It


When you buy a shot at the bar you are looking to get hammered very quickly.


Woman Driver Gets Slathered In Sticky Karma After Driving On Sidewalk

By | 2 Comments

Russia leads the globe in douchebag drivers and it's not even close.


This Promo For Putin’s Press Conference Is Proof The Russian Media Is Freebasing Blue Meth


It's almost as if Russian has tracked down the Russian version of Michael Bay to produce this propaganda promo for a Vladimir Putin press conference.

bros in the know

Bros In The Know: The Russian Financial Crisis

By | 4 Comments

Everything you dudes need to know about the Russian financial crisis.


If A Ride’s Closed Down There’s Probably A Good Reason Why, This Fool Learned That The Hard Way


If a ride looks like it's been shut down and fallen to ruins there's probably a good reason behind that.


World War 3 Will Be Fought Over These Sexy Russian Girls Twerking


I have literally zero context for this video of some white Russian girls doing some choreographed twerking to a song called "House Party" by Hucci, but I must say that the girl in the pink undies is working her ass off while the other girls are simply trying to keep up.

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