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Russell Wilson’s Penis Made the Sports Illustrated Cover

The NFL's biggest star.

What Seahawks Wide Receiver Was Banging Russell Wilson’s Wife?

But... that's his quarterback.

Russell Westbrook Played a Sea Lion in Basketball

We all win.

Coolest Elementary School Principle Ever Teaches Russell Wilson Phish Chant for the Super Bowl

As BroBible's token Phish fan, I can't resist this phantastic Super Bowl story from Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Spokane, Washington. Hyped for the Super Bowl, Tony Ressa, the

49ers Fan Sets Things Straight With Another Instagram Comparison Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson

Yesterday, someone (probably a Seahawks fan or 49ers hater) created a side-by-side of Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson's Instagram accounts. The intent was clear: make Wilson look

Someone Compared Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson’s Instagrams; As Suspected They Are Different

As you might expect, the two quarterbacks playing in this Sunday's NFC Championship game don't share personalities. Russell Wilson has been painted as a clean-cut

What Do Russell Wilson and the Rock Band Phish Have In Common?

No NFL stadium is quite as wild as Seattle's CenturyLink Field. No live music experience is quite as wild as a Phish concert. What happens when those

Russell Wilson Buys Xbox Ones for His Entire Offense

Bro move Russell Wilson. Bro move. 

With This Dorky Tribute Video, Seattle Seahawks Rookie QB Russell Wilson Officially Arrives

I wanted to hate this so much, but the guy’s smooth voice and casual beats won me over. Now it’s stuck in my head, I’m