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Russell Brand Says Bill O’Reilly Is a ‘Disgrace’ To The American Flag

It is starting to feel like Brand is starting to tread on the schtick Jon Stewart has perfected for over a decade.

Russell Brand Responds to YouTube Commenters Who Are Pissed About His Hate for Sean Hannity

Last week I caused a BroBible commenting shitstorm by posting Russell Brand's amusing takedown of Fox News master troll Sean Hannity.

Russell Brand Destroys Sean Hannity and Fox News, Continues to Be Awesome

I love watching Russell Brand pick-apart just how silly and stupid the American mainstream news media is.

Watch Russell Brand’s Audition Tape for ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

It's always fun when a celebrity's audition tape bubbles up for whatever reason.

Russell Brand Brilliantly Shows How Fox News Could Be Considered a Terrorist Organization

As we learned last June on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Russell Brand is a master at putting the broadcast mainstream media in their place.

Russell Brand Told a Heckler at His Show to Shut the Fuck Up in the Most Russell Brand Way Possible

New year, same old Brand. During a recent show on his The Messiah Complex Tour he was interrupted by a crowd member shouting "Ghandi was a cunt."

Why Russell Brand Might be the Most Profound Person Alive

If not the most profound person alive, at least the most profound celebrity alive. He'd probably hate us for putting him on a Messiah-esque pedestal, but

Someone Wanted to Make Russell Brand Look Foolish in a TV Interview Again, He Took Serious Umbrage

Russell Brand is a great interview, he proved that when humiliated the hosts of Morning Joe, who thought they were merely interviewing a clown and

Russell Brand Got Kicked Out of An Awards Show For Telling Nazi Jokes

If there's one thing the world has learned about Russell Brand over the last few months, it's that he loves to kick the status-quo beehive.

Watch Russell Brand Get Treated Like Crap, Then Humiliate Condescending Hosts of ‘Morning Joe’

Russell Brand was invited on Morning Joe today to discuss his new stand-up comedy tour Messiah Complex, but the interview quickly went off the rails.

VIDEO: Russell Brand Wants Bros and Sorority Girls to Come See His College Stand-Up Tour!

You know him from his hilarious turns as Aldous Snow in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Get Him to the Greek," and for marrying the chief

This Is What It Looks Like to Wake Up Next to Katy Perry

Not nearly as spectacular as you'd think. In fact, downright frightening.  As noted on Friday, Katy Perry and her ridiculous rack were everywhere in